Friday, October 11, 2013

Here horsey

We went to a family wedding in Branson, Missouri, this weekend. Admittedly I went into it with low expectations but I really dug it, even if the wedding was held as a totally gorgeous place with a hilariously bad name - "Glory Hole." Seriously the place was amazing and the wedding itself very sweet. The backdrop did make it a bit hard to maintain our composure. 

Running on the docks. They had a blast. We wound have taken our boats but it was cool that day and I didn't want to have to swim in after a frozen kid. 

We also went up to the stables. We didn't get a chance to ride but Margaret is as smitten with them as I was in the day. I see riding lessons in our future. 

This weekend also marks the first time I have hired a sitter out of town. It was practically extortion to have her baby sit but it was all worth it. I will totally do that again sometime. 

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