Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Much better

Thanks for your well wishes. Andy seems much better. He took a long nap Monday afternoon (so long I even kept checking in to make sure he hadn't died from the anesthesia. What? What's so weird about that?) Since then, he's been chipper and quite darling. Well, he's still 2 11/12 so he has his moments, but he seems to feel pretty good.

The nurse instructed us (well, me, Bjorn doesn't do baths in our house at the moment although that might have to change in a couple of months) to put cotton in his ears just until he gets the all clear in a couple of weeks that the ears have healed properly. Unfortunately, I can't seem to master getting a little cotton ball into his ear without it promptly falling out once he hits the bath water. He is also supposed to be getting antibiotic ear drops for the next couple of weeks. The instructions say five drops in each ear twice a day, but Andy is dead-set against them so it's more like two drops in each ear, each day. Oh well.

As you can see from the picture, he seems to be feeling pretty good. Here he managed to take the furnace air filters, carry them upstairs and proceed to "make a train." I'm not sure what he was envisioning exactly, but it's clear he has an imagination. He loved playing with those filters so much that I finally had to remove them under the cover of night to get them out of view. I love how strange and active his mind is right now.


  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    Poor guy... he's so parched for toys he had to resort to playing with air filters. Maybe if Mommy spent less of her lucre on fur coats and ivory back scratchers she could find it in her heart to give him a Matchbox car or two.

  2. That is true, Armando. We try to keep him away from toys as much as possible. No sense a kid enjoying his childhood, at least that's our philosophy. He is also not allowed to eat processed sugar, anything with high fructose corn syrup or anything but whole grains and organic meats and cheeses.

  3. michelle12:33 PM

    Glad Andy had a speedy recovery. little Paul just had his first ear infection, so at least I have you guys to look to for advice if this becomes routine.

  4. Andy's furnace filter train sounds EXACTLY like something Jack would come up with. You need to move to the midwest so they can be BFF.