Saturday, September 29, 2007

Potty training procrastination

This potty training business sure takes a while. The frustrating thing for me is now that he's got the idea of it, he wants to try to go all the time. But he doesn't really have to go, is the problem. He just likes the extra attention and excitement that comes with it. What's frustrating for me is telling the difference between the 40th time he has said he wants to sit on the potty only to get there and spend more time running around and doing anything but sitting on the potty and the time that he plans to sit down and get to business. I imagine this is a learning process for both of us, but could we speed up the learning curve already? I know the 20-30 minutes I spend trying to get him to be serious about this will eventually pay off, but in a hurry, I can change a diaper and get moving in five minutes without all the hassle.

In fun development news, Andy's imagination is really taking off. We now spend a lot of time handing each other make-believe food from his kitchen and other things. Whereas six months ago he would have been frustrated not to have the physical, now he seems to relish in the game of handing me green pancakes and other strange things that he thinks of.

In not so fun development news, I fear the afternoon nap is on the way out. It stinks because at this stage in my pregnancy (or heck, anytime for me really), I can really use the nap and the break. But lately, the nap is shorter if it happens and occasionally not at all. The hard part is knowing which day will be which since some days when it seems he really needs the nap, he rallies, but not so much on other days.

Note: I was trying to upload a video of Andy trying to use his potty because it's just so darn funny, but the Blogger video upload feature isn't working so you'll have to settle for this picture of a cow my sister picked up at a veterinary conference that is now a regular in our bathtub.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Pants off to Andy

After two or three days of missing out on successfully using his potty, Andy did manage to pee in the potty tonight. I asked if he wanted to go (his diaper from school was mostly dry at about 8 p.m.) and he said yes. He sat down and immediately said, "I hear it. I hear it coming," which must mean that he feels it inside. And viola, he peed in the potty. Bjorn promptly came upstairs with a cookie and we both said how proud of him we were. He was so proud of himself, though, that afterwards he really didn't want to get off the potty and dressed, even though it was clearly bedtime.

In other news, I now use the word "potty" in my daily conversation, whether it's Andy using it or when I have to explain to him where his father or brother are (he asks a lot of the same questions over and over again so naturally, I get to say, "He's in the potty" again and again). I haven't yet said that at work, but it's bound to happen. And it scares me.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Potty training

After Andy rocked the potty training world on Saturday, he hasn't been quite as successful. The good news is that he's now quite interested in sitting on the potty (those cookies sure must taste divine). The bad news is that he's never interested at a time that it could do some good, which usually makes him mad that he doesn't get a cookie for trying. He's got the interest though so I imagine sooner or later he'll get the timing down. It's going to be an adjustment for us though to leap whenever he says he's ready, but I figure we'll get it down eventually.

We're all sick here. Again. Seriously, what is up with that? After having the stomach bug just a few weeks ago, I've now developed a really painful sore throat that hurts to swallow, breathe, eat and sleep. Lovely. I have an appointment today to see if it's strep or not. I did call the doctor's last night who prescribed Tylenol 3 with Codeine to help with pain and let me sleep until I could get in today. Apparently Codeine is safe in pregnancy. Who knew? It did help me sleep a bit, but my throat still hurt pretty bad last night.

Bjorn is also still sick (poor guy) and has an appointment this afternoon to see about his sinus problems that have been bugging him for a couple weeks now. He has been quite sweet taking care of me the last day or so with my sore throat by going to the all night pharmacy to get my prescription last night and taking care of Andy while I try to rest. Hopefully, we'll both get some good antibiotics and we'll start feeling better sooner rather than later. Of course, Andy did wake up with a cough so probably we'll get well in time for him to get sick.

Update: Bjorn has a sinus infection and some killer (and expensive) antibiotics. No word on if I have strep or not until the test comes back later this week, but I have some penicillin to take for the next seven days. I'm already feeling a little better and Bjorn is well enough to still at work at 8:30 p.m. so hopefully the rest of the week will be better.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Special cookies

Breaking news - Bjorn got Andy to pee on the potty twice today, both times resulting in the special cookies for the boy. Both father and son (and mother) are delighted with the progress. This is the first time he had repeatedly gotten on the potty and the first time with any success. Those Chips Ahoy cookies are quite a draw.

Whining and crying

Andy is really starting to perfect the temper tantrum. Worst of all, he's now throwing them about totally stupid things, like when he breathlessly shouts through tears, "I...don't...want...the...monkey...cup!" Yes, folks, the thought of the monkey cup over the Sponge Bob cup is worthy of 20 minutes of tears. I'm doing my best to ignore it when possible, put him on the time out step when it seems appropriate and try to keep my wits about me when he manages to push my buttons...just right.

Course, the bugger will be obnoxious for an entire day and then it comes bedtime and he comes at me wanting more hugs and I just melt.

We've been talking to Andy a little about the new baby. The only concept that has seemed to stick is that sometime around his birthday, we'll get a new baby from the hospital that will come home to live with us. So now he keeps saying, "I'm getting a baby for my birthday." Not quite right, but he's thinking about it.

I'm still on the hunt for decent maternity clothes. I have had some luck with cute pants from Target and Gap Maternity. What I'm struggling with now is tops that are at least semi-work appropriate. I have started branching out to look in the Women's sections for some stuff. It's not quite right, but there seems to be a much larger selection of better items there sometimes than in the maternity section. At least it's getting cooler so I can start layering and wearing sweaters. Sigh. Is it February yet?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Baby Names

Now that we've narrowed the naming process down to only one sex, we need to spend some time thinking about names and doing our due diligence. And by due diligence, I mean you can't name your kid Marc Anthony and then be surprised to learn he was also a historical figure who killed himself over Cleopatra.

To help with this process, Betsy sent me a rockin' Web site located here with great ideas for what not to name your kid. It's awesomely bad. Plus, the site already gets some street cred with me for this first item. I can personally vouch that Love Seamon was a real person as I remember her going through rush at Emory. I remember hearing she was a nice girl, but dang, that's a really unfortunate name.

Monday, September 17, 2007

It's a....

girl! We went for the big sonogram (ultrasound?) today and the baby is healthy, measuring as it's supposed to and almost certainly a girl. The technology was amazing -- they were able to see the four chambers of the heart beating, the spine, the hemispheres of the brain and even fingers and toes (at one point, she was even waving to us, or flipping us off for waking her up, one or the other). They were even able to tell the direction of the fluid flowing into and out of the umbilical cord and bladder to see that things looked as they should, which was a great relief. The tech even got a fabulous crotch shot of the baby and confirmed not on the absence of male genitalia, but could even identify the labia. Rather amazing for a person that barely weighs 12 ounces.

This further confirms my suspicion that the baby has been secretly trying to poison me with all her estrogen over the past 4 1/2 months, which is the reason I've been so nauseated for so long. Now if only there were a way to let her know that if she makes the next 4 1/2 months relatively pleasant, there will be lots of treats on the other end for her. I'm not above a little bribery here.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Andy, the ripper

Normally, Andy is pretty good about not destroying things. Well, I should say normally. Until now. About 6-8 months ago, Andy ripped part of a library book. We paid our fine, he made his "I'm sorry" to the librarian, and since then I remind him when I put him in bed with a book, "Remember our deal, Andy?" "No rip the pages."

Last week, I came in after a nap to find that he had ripped the cover of a paperback Thomas book into several large pieces. To be fair, he didn't rip the pages, just the cover. We talked about how that made Mommy sad and then had to trek to the library to buy it (it was a strange bargain actually, buying the book cost $3.20, but there was a $3.00 processing fee. Whatever.) Then yesterday, I woke up early on a Saturday for us, about 7:15, to hear a strange noise. He had taken off the lamp shade by his bed and torn out the reflective inner lining, ripping it to many small pieces. What the? Bjorn and I have been going back and forth about whether we want a boy or a girl (for the record, either is great so long as it's healthy) although after this, I turned to Bjorn and said, "A girl would be fine."

I asked Andy why he had done it, but so far, he doesn't seem to understand the why question. When I ask him why he did anything, he usually says, "Yeah," or something similar over and over again until you stop asking. I'm okay with him not knowing why since I imagine we've got years of that in our future, but it's frustrating at times like this where understanding his logic would go a long way. That said, if this keeps up, he probably is set for a career as a White House press person since it's clear he doesn't mind not answering the question at hand.

Friday, September 14, 2007

My son, the diva

Should I be worried that my son seems to have an eye for fashion? Every so often, I'll show up to his school wearing a skirt or looking particularly well put together and he'll take a moment to look me over and say, "You look good, Mommy." Then last week I was out shopping for maternity wear and he was freaking out when I tried on a couple of outfits because he hated them so much. He was right, they did look bad (course, it's maternity wear so it IS mostly all bad), but where does he get it?

I do love the compliments, but it surprises me a bit. It's not like he hears Bjorn saying that in the morning so I wonder where he gets it. I certainly have no eye for fashion so he's not getting this from me. He does remind me a tad of Justin from Ugly Betty, which cracks me up and scares me a little.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


As if the regular "morning sickness" that still seems to hit me every few days wasn't enough, now I have a stomach bug adding to the mix. It started Sunday morning and has been going through today. My doctor prescribed Zofran, an anti-nausea medicine, to help stop the vomiting, but now it has pushed all the problems, er, lower. I called in sick today and yesterday - the first time since Andy was born that I've called in sick for just myself. He went to school like a good boy and I've been home trying to sleep. Unfortunately, it's tough to get a good rest when I'm up every hour or so.

Andy has been a precious darling though. When I was sick on Sunday, he offered to get me a band-aid. "You sick, Mommy? You need a ban-baid?" is that adorable kid way. He genuinely seemed sympathetic which was sweet to hear as well.

I went to the doctor today and the good news is everything is fine with the baby. I just need to let this, "run it's course," which is not what I want to hear after three long days and nights of this. Fingers crossed that running it's course actually means immediately. She did weigh me when I was there and was pleased that I haven't lost weight. I was stunned at the number (which I won't tell you) because I swear I have lost weight the last few days. Imagine how high the number would have been otherwise? Scary. Still, I'd take the weight gain over this bullshit.

Also annoying is the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book. I have generally found it informative if a little bland, but in this case, they have a whole section on coping with food poisoning/stomach bug and cap it off with something about how if I would just eat better, I could avoid it. I loathe hearing "I told you so" anyway and this seemed particularly annoying on a sick stomach. There is also a part about stretch marks that I came across that got me riled up. It said if you eat right, you won't get them. Horseshit. And a nice way to make folks feel bad that they're getting them because of something they ate.

Rant over.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Fire trucks

Today we went to the Manassas Park fire department for a tour and to check out the trucks with some of our friends, including one who lives in Manassas Park and organized the event. The tour was interesting for me, but Andy and the other kids were less interested in seeing where the fire fighters sleep during their 24 hour shifts and more interested in touching and "driving" the firetrucks.

Andy liked the hoses and stuff fine, but really all he wanted to do was sit in the driver's seat and man-handle the steering wheel. Such a boy sometimes. Some of the girls were very interested in safety. Molly, for example, sat in all the seats and tried on all the seat belts to make sure they worked properly. As you can imagine, that was less interesting for Andy who would rather flip the switches and rock the steering wheel than bother with that stuff.

I do hope they reset everything before they go on duty next. I would hate for them to rush out to a call only to find the truck stuck in reverse, all the blinkers on and the oxygen masks turned off. That could be problematic.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

I'm famous

I'm famous. The story ran on I'm quoted talking about vaccinations. Just think how lucky you are to have known me back when. I'll be signing autographs later.

Alright all you Luddites out there complaining that can't find the story. There are three tabs on the page I send you to, then click the middle one about "vaccinations" and you'll see my charming mug. See? That wasn't so hard.

Breaking news

With all my blathering on with school and travel, it occurs to me I haven't mentioned the big news in the house which is I'm pregnant. I know, I know, I swore I wouldn't do it again considering how much I didn't much like being pregnant the first time and how hard I thought having a tiny baby was, but apparently time really does heal all wounds (and memories). We're excited although I vacillate being really looking forward to seeing my own tiny baby again and all the things I'll do better this time and fear at how in the world I am going to handle two when one seems pretty impossible some days. I'm due beginning of February, but in my mind I've already backed that up a few weeks. That somehow makes the time ahead seem less daunting.

I've been casually floating to Andy questions like, "Would you like to have a baby like Baby Emma?" And he usually says, "Yes. Get a baby." He them seems disappointed that we can't pick up one at Target right now. He hasn't asked about why mommy is so big yet, but I'm sure that's coming. It will naturally happen on a day that I haven't slept and feel huge, I can feel it.

What's amazing is how totally different the two pregnancies have been. After having no morning sickness with Andy, I found myself completely sick for about six weeks and even now I will find myself throwing up randomly some days if I don't seem to eat just right. It seems bizarre to me that not having a full stomach actually makes me sick, but I've already decided that Mother Nature has a pretty wicked sense of humor.

My sister returned my maternity wear and I've done a little shopping with my mother to supplement that stash, but I still find myself every night going through what I have to wear to work tomorrow and getting stressed out. Because my body is constantly changing, I find that the pants that fit last week, are now a little too tight while some of the shirts in my closet are still way too big. Sigh. Only four and 1/2 more months, that's no time, right?

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

One day of school down...hundreds more to go

Andy survived his first day of school in his new "big boy class" as we're calling it. However, poor Bjorn had to drop the sobbing guy off this morning and I think it might have been harder for him carrying that image around all day. Sure enough, moments after Bjorn left, Andy went over to play with his first girlfriend, Soren. Fortunately, about half of his old class moved up to his new class with his so while it's new teachers in a new room, the kids are mostly the same. Apparently there was a lot more demand for the 2-year-old room and less demand for the 3- and 4-year-old rooms so they have combined some of those classes to make room for some younger kids.

When I went to pick him up today, we went and checked out his new room together and I let him show me where he sits at lunch, where his cubby is and point out other parts of the room. Then for being such a big boy, I took him to a special dinner (to the ever-exciting Fuddruckers) and then to play in a park on the way home. He seemed rather pleased with himself. And after all the drama of the morning, when we got home, he said he didn't want to go home, he wanted to go back to school. Figures.

Monday, September 03, 2007


Before bed, I usually sneak into Andy's room to check on him, you know, one last time. Last night when I went in, I noticed something unusual. He had taken off his pajama shorts and was sleeping in just his shirt and diaper. Lately he's been going through a phase of wanting to nap in just a diaper, sometimes with shorts, sometimes with a top, but minus one article of clothing. I'm happy to indulge him on these things, plus I find it somewhat amusing. The removing an article of clothing thing is a new one for us though.

This morning when he got up he kept talking about how he didn't have any pants. "Where are my pants, Mommy?" He didn't seem to have a good answer as to why he had removed them, but still he seemed surprised they weren't on him. Rather funny actually.

Tomorrow is a big day as Andy is starting school in a new class. I'm a little uneasy about it only because all summer Andy was having trouble crying at drop-off and now a new class might start that all over again. I'm sure he'll do fine. He sees all the teachers already and the class is right next door, but it's hard not to worry, even just a little.