Thursday, May 31, 2012

Today was the last day of first grade. Hard to believe how much he's grown since August. I also can't believe how much he needs a haircut. Big changes this year - two new front teeth and two loose ones at the moment, longer hair, taller. He now reads incredibly fluently, can do basic square roots (don't ask, it certainly didn't come from me) and is an excellent swimmer. Along the way, he has tried skiing, completed two seasons of soccer and did some gymnastics. Phew! It was so long as fast all at the same time.

To mark the occasion, they had an ice cream party. When I arrived he was finished a bowl of vanilla with marshmallows and gummy bears. We he announced his stomach hurt, no one was surprised.

This summer, we'll have two babysitters trading off. One who worked for us last summer is back (yay!) and one who had been working for us after school during the year is staying on for longer (yay!). He's doing swim team again and he's going to be doing some martial arts in the evenings twice a week. Later on, he's got some camps sprinkled throughout and a visit to California in August. I am hoping we can get to Austin for a weekend again this summer, too.

Thursday, May 24, 2012


Someone in my house is a carrier for strep. My leading suspect is someone under the age of eight, a male, weighs 50 pounds and likes to play the guitar no matter how out of tune it may be.

I don't recall ever having strep as a kid. This was disappointing, too. All my friends had it and I just had plain old sore throats. What fun is that? A real sore throat has a name and comes with antibiotics and not Luden's cough drops. But since I've had kids, I've had strep three times. The first time I was pregnant with Meg. Andy didn't get it, but I did. It was a rough few days being 6 months pregnant and achy and miserable. Last spring I got it and now this week.

I need to ask my doctor about if I need to get my tonsils taken out or something because this really sucks to be down for the count with high fever, chills and sore throat for two solid days.

Monday, May 14, 2012


My very restless sleeper is back! We have made a little progress on the going to bed thing and then there are night's like these. They all look like crime scene photos.

Friday, May 04, 2012

Trophy season

It's the end of the school year and lots of things are wrapping up, meaning lots of end of the season events and lots of celebrating.

Andy is getting his Tiger Badge, which I don't quite understand, but I think this means he can move up to being a Wolf scout next year.

He's pretty excited. I wish I could I have talked him into wearing pants that matched even slightly.

This was the Three Piggy Opera, the first grand spring musical. Beyond adorable. He's on the front right in a white shirt. I was able to negotiate better clothes for this one. The teachers told the kids specifically to have their parents pick out the outfits.  

Andy got up the nerve to invite his babysitter, Avery, to come with us. He's got a bit of a crush. Margaret had pajama day that day (and every day she's not wearing a gown practically).

End of season wrap up for soccer. I used to think participation trophies were lame until I had kids and realized just how important they are to the kids.

Here's the whole team. We actually have one more game.