Thursday, March 06, 2014


It's finally starting to warm up here. Thank God. Because it's been a long miserable winter and I actually like winter. Most years, anyway. I generally like cold weather and snow, but this year, it seems the hits just keep coming. 

Andy has started taking fencing. He sort of likes it. He says the face mask smells. It probably does. 

Hello there, daffodils! Glad to see you! I hope the latest sleet storm doesn't kill you. 

The kids had Jump Rope for Heart. It was hilarious. I remember loving to jump rope so it was fun to see them get excited about it. I prompted ordered a jump rope. And they've used it twice. 

Margaret's Jump Rope for Heart included loads of jumping games. 

Another snow day, another snow angel. 

In honor of the winter Olympics, we went ice skating. Damn, it's hard. I was sore for days afterwards. 

And Blitzen. Because she's just cute. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby girl turns 6

I spent a few minutes today re-reading Margaret's birth story back from 2008. I
am so glad I wrote it down because my recollection of the details is fuzzy. As they say, I have slept since then. Or as the case may me, have not slept.

So 3:09 am on January 26, 2008. Kind of amazing. 

In other news, I was in Virginia for work most of last week. It snowed about eight inches on Tuesday and it was gorgeous. Fortunately my flight wasn't affected. It was packed though - abnormal for a 6:30 am anything. I heard from people on the plane that several folks were trying to get into DC before the storm. Turns out it did cause a lot of flights to be cancelled so I got lucky. Getting up at 4:30 am isn't my favorite. I prefer to be going to bed then rather than waking up. 

This picture is from the Mosiac district near my office. Funny, when I moved they had just town down a bunch of cranky fast food joints like KFC and Boston Markwt. Now they have all been replaced by awesome restaurants and stores. Well done, Fairfax. Well done. 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The one where she cried and cried and cried, and then loved it

I took the kids horseback riding at the end of a really awesome New Year's Eve trip to San Antonio. Margaret really loves horses and had been talking about wanting to ride. It's been on my list to do and one of my new year's resolutions is to do more seizing of the day. So I did research and we stopped in Boerne, Texas, for some riding. It was an hour long trail ride. Andy hopped right up and did great. His horse was named Bubba, a girl. Margaret was the most excited and perked right up once she was on the horse. Then, for the next 30 minutes, she not so quietly sobbed on her horse on the trail ride. The leader stopped to check on her and she was fine so he just kept on going. While she cried on the horse in front of me. For 30 minutes. I tried every distraction I could think of, I pointed out stuff on the side of the trail, talked about horses, talked about anything and she still sobbed. At one point, she claimed she had to go to the bathroom just to get off the horse. But then, at about minute 31, she stopped crying and started loving it. By the end, she didn't want to get off. Now I need to find her some lessons. 

Andy and Bubba. And once again, he ruins the picture for me. 

Margaret on her horse at the beginning. She was very excited at this point. 

And then there was the sobbing. 

Andy's horse was slow so he was behind us a lot. At age, we always held our horses back to be able to trot to catch up. Andy did like that so much. 

After the ride, Andy was a champ. He just jumped up there and handled it. I was proud of him 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Here horsey

We went to a family wedding in Branson, Missouri, this weekend. Admittedly I went into it with low expectations but I really dug it, even if the wedding was held as a totally gorgeous place with a hilariously bad name - "Glory Hole." Seriously the place was amazing and the wedding itself very sweet. The backdrop did make it a bit hard to maintain our composure. 

Running on the docks. They had a blast. We wound have taken our boats but it was cool that day and I didn't want to have to swim in after a frozen kid. 

We also went up to the stables. We didn't get a chance to ride but Margaret is as smitten with them as I was in the day. I see riding lessons in our future. 

This weekend also marks the first time I have hired a sitter out of town. It was practically extortion to have her baby sit but it was all worth it. I will totally do that again sometime. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The one where the lady goes 93028 days without blogging

So, um, yeah. It's been a while. Summer is over and it was great. Remarkably not that hot by Dallas standards, meaning we only had like two weeks over 100 with a little bit of rain here and there. After taking a trip in the spring, we were here most of the summer until August where we had a bit of an extravaganza of a trip. I had work in the DC area so the kids and I visited family and then headed up to the beach in New Jersey with old friends (speaking of old, it was Realtor Viv's birthday. Yay, Viv.)

Then back down the east coast collecting Geocaches from New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware before spending another night with family in Virginia before heading for a couple days in Colorado to visit my sister and meet up with Bjorn. After that, we landed back in Texas in time to start school the following day.

I had my trip so well planned except I didn't realize we would be missing the Friday where the kids get to meet their teachers. Next year.

I must say, the New Jersey beach was really phenomenal. Granted, we were at the end of a small private island but it was really tasteful, not very crowded, friendly and clean. The only thing particularly weird was everything on Long Beach Island was cash only. It would be great for money laundering, not that I've been binge-watching Breaking Bad or anything.

Colorado was also lovely. It was great seeing my sister in her new place, meeting her coworkers and loving on her litter of foster kittens. I need to look into that fostering business. Sure, it's a crapton of work, but on the plus side, KITTENS. I'd just have to make sure we had a strict no keeping them policy. Otherwise, I could easily end up as that lady.

In Virginia, we also got to visit with Jennifer and Fafa. So good to see them even if it wasn't for very long. It was a good trip -- the conference to start it off was really very good, too.

The kids were troopers. I bought Kindle Fires for each before we left and those proved to be worth their weight in gold. They played them responsibly and, most importantly, didn't fight in the car or the airplane (too much). They have also gotten good at toting their old car booster seats. I enjoyed it. We have a wedding in Missouri next month that we're planning to drive to and I hope they're as well behaved on the road. My car as been in the shop since July, that's right, two months ago. Hopefully it will be back by the time we take this trip.

I'm off later this week for a brief trip for work. This work business is tricky - I always look forward to going and seeing everyone and doing the work but I get nervous on my way out the door, making sure I have everything for the trip and also trying to make sure the house doesn't burn down while I'm gone. The kids fortunately are at an age where they love it when either of us leaves or we go to dinner. That means pizza and candy and all the Kindle time they can stomach. Still, I miss them. Mostly. I will enjoy that Westin Heavenly Bed all to myself if only to remind myself how much I like it better when everyone is in ours.