Tuesday, April 28, 2009

She walks! Mostly!

On her 15-month-birthday, Bjorn and I watched her walk six or seven steps, stop to look at something and reload, and then walk four or five more steps. That's walking, right? We were so proud we both sort of teared up. Precious darling angel baby is now a walker. Well, some of the time. When she feels like it.

Bjorn is out of town again tonight. I sure hope he lands some of these deals. Fortunately, Jennifer is coming by to help. It's very convenient with her eight minute commute. Plus, it's nice catching up with her and hearing what's going on. It's hard to believe the biggest of the angel babies (Jennifer) starts her first real job on Monday after moving into her first real apartment last week. And to think I knew her when.

It's funny, Bjorn and I were dating back when I was her age. In retrospect, I can only imagine what the other parents at the soccer and basketball games must have thought of me barely in my 20s standing on the sidelines with a bunch of parents in their 40s. Bjorn was young for the crowd in his early 30s, but they probably didn't know that. I imagine I really did look like some chippie/trophy wife.

I am in need of a vacation and this 90 degree heat has me dreaming of the beach. If you have ideas for beach spots on the east coast, let me know.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Jennifer and Andy posing at Ikea where we got stuff for Jennifer's new house.
Jennifer and Andy posing outside her new rented townhouse.

Soccer boy! There's something about this expression I can't quite put my finger on, but I like it.

Hunting for Easter Eggs. I agree with Andy, I don't really understand what a bunny has to do with eggs, but oh well.

Proof that I don't just dress her in pants and t-shirts all the time.

Meg wearing Bjorn's glasses. The resemblance is remarkable.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our first real allergic reaction

Once you have a kid, you learn more about allergies than you want -- all about what foods to introduce when and what can cause reactions and what to look out for. I was relieved when the allergy test showed Andy had no allergies to foods and cats, just dust and pollen/weeds. Therefore I was quite surprised when Andy came down to breakfast all red in the face and having spots on his chest.

We promptly went to the ped for their walk-in sick appointments that only go to 11 and there can be a wait. Fortunately, it wasn't a bad wait, but I was surprised to hear that they think it's the Ceptra that he's been on for a week for a ear infection. I was surprised since he's been on it for a week with no trouble and had even been on it before. Apparently that can be common with these sulphur-based antibiotics. Go figure. She recommended antihistamine today to counteract the reaction and we got a prescription of another antibiotic to start tomorrow for the ear infection that hasn't cleared up yet.

This means now that whenever we go to another doctor or the ER and they ask for allergies, we have to say Ceptra. That makes me a little sad, but fortunately this type of antibiotic isn't that prevalent or in other stuff so we won't have to worry about it too much.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Why, why, why?

Andy asks why about 100 times a day. I know it's normal for this age, but what gets me is when he asks a question he already knows the answer to, and doesn't agree to my answer.

"Mommy, is it afternoon?"
"Yes, Andy, it's 3 o'clock, it's afternoon."
"No it's not. It's morning."

I have taken to asking him the question back instead.

"Mommy, where's Daddy?"
"Where do you think he is?"
"At work."

That seems much better than him arguing with me over a question I frankly don't care the answer to. I have also tried this technique"

"Mommy, do cats have tails?"
"Yes, cats have tails."
"No they don't."
"Andy, if you knew the answer, why did you ask me in the first place?"

He's probably going to be a lawyer, isn't?

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bribery parenting

Andy has been waking up in the middle of the night again. Some nights, he just cries from his bed. Other nights, he gets up and comes to our room. Both are annoying. In fairness, he was sick yesterday with a fever and stayed home with Bjorn.

"I've been a good boy today, right?"
"Yes, yes, you have."
"Since I was a good boy at the pharmacy, can I have a Popsicle?"
Can't argue with the kid's logic.
"Actually Andy, I'll make a deal with you. If you go all night without waking Mommy or Daddy up and staying in your bed, you can have two Popsicles with breakfast."

It actually worked. And was worth every drop. I've been having trouble sleeping lately so it was so nice not to be fighting with him at 5 a.m. this morning.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soccer day

Today was soccer day. Andy has been practically counting the hours until his first "game" (well, he would if he really understood the concept of hours. As it is, he just asked every day when his first game was and the all day today he was ready to go. I am not sure it lived up to the hype as about half an hour in to a one hour practice/game, he was ready to sit and have a third water break. The bad part about being an assistant coach was I was right there for him to whine to during the practice.

We had an hour long coaching clinic last night. The main message was keep the kids busy with lots of games and don't focus too much on the fundamentals of soccer. Just have fun, keep things moving and you'll be fine. Easier said than done. I have a whole new appreciation for preschool teachers. The 10 kids did great for about the first 30 minutes. Then we had the obligatory water break and they never quite recovered. In their defense, it was 75 and sunny -- by far the nicest day since last fall. I'd give my first effort a C+. We'll do better next week.

In an unrelated note, Meg cannot be without a diaper for a minute without peeing. Sometimes twice. It's a struggle getting Andy undressed at bath time and I sometimes get her dressed to motivate him that she's going to "beat" him into the tub. Sadly, that means she's sometimes naked for all of five minutes. Tonight I got her undressed and she promptly climbed on Andy's bed and peed. I then took the sheets off and as I walked them the FIVE FEET to the hamper, she climbed on the bed and peed again. Thankfully, I have a plastic sheet on his bed.

We went to the doctor yesterday and Andy had an allergy test. It was an interesting thing for them to have a six pronged comb type thing that they scratched onto his back to test for allergens. The good news is he's not allergic to cats or any foods, but he does have reactions to dust mites, pollen and tree molds. He recommends Claritin daily through spring, a vent cleaning and getting rid of the down pillows in favor of polyfill. Fortunately, he doesn't seem too bothered, but it's something we'll have to watch.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

She walks!

Well, not walk exactly, but she took two or three steps in a row! Over and over again! She was so excited for the cheering and it was great because Bjorn was here as was his mom to witness it. A nice cap to a nice, but chilly, Easter.

In preparation for the holiday, Meg came down with her XVXI cold of the season last week. She had the typical runny nose and cough, but this time she had a strange new symptom -- red cheeks that she wanted to scratch along with watery eyes. No fever, which pointed to allergies, but with a holiday weekend, it made sense to get into the ped just in case.

I was surprised to hear she had a beginning right ear infection. I was also surprised to hear that the mucus under her cheeks can occasionally cause her face to burn/itch, which is why she was scratching. I know, strange. She's on antibiotics for the ear infections and antihistamine for the itching.

I saw Dr. Murphy, the other doctor in the practice, instead this time and was asking about ear tubes as if it was a fait accompli. He said not to rush into it, as the season is just about over and hopefully by the fall her immune system is that much better. I explained that Andy didn't get tubes until he was nearly three.

"Does he have allergies?"
"Um, I don't know."
Looking at him. "Actually, it looks like he might. Look at his nose. And the bags under his eyes. Does he always look like that?"
"Well, the black eye is from falling off a chair."

He explained that the "shiner" is a classic look among kids with allergies, who often have ear problems because their ears are "sticky." He recommended an allergy work-up, which we're doing next Friday. Supposedly it doesn't involve needles, just a skin reaction test that takes about 20 minutes. I already have to take Meg back to get her ear follow-up. The nice thing about my Fridays off is I almost always get to spend them at a pediatrician.

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Soccer part 3

This soccer thing is getting to be a theme. Good thing I like it so much.

Andy is wearing his soccer socks, shin guards and cleats to school today. I am positive I did the same thing at his age (and older, likely). I think my mother even let me wear them to church. And by let, I'm sure I mean she couldn't pry them off my feet for any amount of candy and/or television in the world. Bjorn did have the foresight to take some classic pictures of Andy wearing his soccer gear on his feet...and nothing else. Prime picture for that high school yearbook seniors' picture or his rehearsal dinner slide show.

He's starting to get dressed a little by himself, which is an exciting thing as I know ultimately it will mean he is more self sufficient. In the meantime, it takes him at least twice as long to get dressed by himself with all the associated drama. I do find half the time his clothes are on backwards. I usually just shrug that off, although that's the time that I run into someone I might actually want to impress at the grocery store. The other day he insisted on wearing his underwear on backwards. It was obvious, what with the big "pocket" as we call it on his butt and all the extra fabric in the front, but it's not like he was ever going to unzip his pants, reach through the flap and pee that way.

Bjorn has been traveling a lot for work the last two weeks. I'm excited for him as in theory, all those presentations could turn into sales for him, you know, important opportunities for a sales guy. But we've missed him. Fortunately, both kids have been angels more or less. And by angels, I mean healthy for a week or so. Both seem to be coming down with colds again, and I'm trying t be all zen about it and not a big baby, I mean. They're colds, right? But it's hard to see them unhappy and, truthfully, mama needs her sleep. I know, how lame.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Soccer part 2

Bjorn took Andy to get cleats for soccer today. He ended up spending $40 at Dick's on a package that consisted of Umbro cleats, shin guards, socks and a ball. Andy was so excited that he's sleeping tonight with his socks and shin guards on. "In case anyone tries to kick me in my sleep." Adorable and ironic since if anyone does any kicking at night, it's him.

Saturday, April 04, 2009


Soccer starts in two weeks. And, no, I don't mean me. For the first time in probably 15 years, I'm not currently on a soccer team. I just got burned out playing outdoor, mostly due to my age and out-of-shapeness that I wasn't willing to overcoming for two hours in the sun on a Sunday morning. That part feels weird. As does Andy being signed for soccer. It's a mini-me league that has "games" on Saturday afternoons. And by games, I mean organized playtime. I'm not even sure if there are jerseys, but I'm sure there are trophies.

I even volunteered to be an assistant coach, which both thrills and terrifies me. I always wanted to like coaching. I even went so far as to be help when my dad was my sister Mary's coach back circa 1982. But like my stint as a camp counselor, I was never one with the children and never really acheived that awesome status as a fun coach that also teaches the kids stuff that they really like and listen to. Bjorn did a lot of coaching for Mark and Jennifer in basketball and I loved being a helper to do the quiet tasks like keep the score books and mark off how may fouls every had. I never really aspired to be the one teaching drills. That part filled me with terror.

But Andy needed an assistant coach and I volunteered. Assistant I can probably handle. I think that means making sure parents show up with drinks and snacks after the games. I might even suggest a few drills so long as they don't make me actually run them.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mark your calendar

I watch Meg take two steps tonight. She can totally walk now if she wants, but right now she's still a little too tentative. It's funny, she'll take steps on her own, but if I reach out to have her walk to me, she smiles big and drops to crawl. I suppose she's not a baby anymore.

Andy, on the other hand, clearly wants to be a baby again. He keeps talking about getting back into Mommy's tummy (sorry, not going to happen). He also insisted I put the pack and play in his room so he can sleep there. So far, he has only slept there for two hours before crying that his neck hurt. He is also spending a lot of time saying, "Ga ga, goo goo, I'm a baby." I had no idea the Freudian stuff started this early.