Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring break 2013

Andy and Margaret ride the BMW motorcycle. I want one.  
Jennifer asked her what book she wanted to read. Margaret picked out a Home Depot book. I think she likes the pictures.  
Elizabeth flying like a bird at the new Perot Science Museum in downtown Dallas. The kids and I tried to get tickets during spring break but it was actually booked. 

Megan and Andy by the river at the ranch. I love this picture of them. 

Bjorn at the Texas Central Hemophilia event. I won signed Wayne Gretsky hockey sticks in the poker tournament. 

Elizabeth and I at the ranch. Emma took this picture. She did pretty well. Now we just throw away the other four versions that cut off our heads. 

Meg took this picture of Emma. I love it. 

Here are the (not so little) girls down by the water. Margaret needs a new bathing suit, obviously. Look at the droop on those bottoms. 

Saturday, March 02, 2013

5k and 35 degrees

Andy ran his first 5k today and my hands are still frozen. I signed up for one mile fun run and ran that together. But Andy was bitter more friends were signed up for the 5k so he wanted to run that, too. I stayed behind which was only problematic because it was 35 degrees with 30 mile an hour winds. Frigid. But he did fantastic. I am quite impressed. He wants to do it again so I will have to get in shape to go with him and not throw up.