Monday, September 28, 2009

To vaccinate or not? A swine flu love story

There is a ton of talk about the swine flu, excuse me, H1N1 flu these days and whether or not there are vaccines, if they will be available in time, who is at highest risk and if you can ever get one. I must say, something about it just isn't sitting right with me and I'm glad to read I'm not the only one. Believe me, I hate my kids getting sick probably more than the next guy, especially since fall is the busy season for me at work. But something about this new vaccine, how fast it's been prepared, how there's higher than normal levels of mercury in them (the same mercury some folks say can cause autism).

I want to protect them. Most likely both are getting the regular flu shot and I'm scheduled to get mine this Friday. However, the new one? I'm not so sure. I haven't talked to the pediatrician about it yet, but they are usually fairly conservative. Thoughts?


  1. For all your above mentioned reasons - None for me and none for the kids. We all will get the "regular flu" vaccine though.

  2. It is scarry. The lady whose blog I have listed on my blog---TWOBYTWOBYTWO---the one with three sets of twins has had two of her six have the swine flu. This is what I learned:
    1. Kids had temps of 106 and with doses of both tylenol and aspirin at the same time the fever never went below 105 while they had it.

    2. She was housebound for weeks! You can still spread the virus after the fever leaves for up to 7 days. Now you know most folks aren't that conscientious and go back to work or send the kids off to school before 7 days pass.

    3. Most folks have the flu virus and can spread it for four days before they come down with a fever.

    4. This woman also told me that her gynocologist/baby doctor told her that he has lost two pregnant young women who got the flu. They both died here in Virginia and the one mother's baby died too.

    5. The big danger is the lungs. I have had my 5 year pheumonia shot. Do they give pheumonia shots to kids?