Thursday, August 12, 2010

Settling in

Oomph. After the initial thrill and excitement of getting moved in, my interest in further unpacking and sorting is definitely on the wane. So much has been done and so much is still left to be done, like putting books away, sorting through linens and putting the kitchen stuff to use in a way that makes sense to our lifestyle. I was so used to where everything went in my old kitchen that's it's going to take some time to assess it and figure out what makes sense where.

A nice problem to have is that we have a three-car garage now. It's the natural entry point into the house from the garage into the laundry room that leads to the kitchen. Unfortunately, there are lots of empty boxes out there now so it's less useful than it could be. Plus, the movers somehow misplaced the screws to put Andy's bed back together. If you recall, he's got a cool loft bed from Ikea. I love it and, it would be perfect for his new room. Sadly the movers broke it into it's original parts and the bolts to put it back together are missing. I am holding out hope that they're somewhere in the mess in the garage and that once Mark breaks down the boxes, I'll find them. Otherwise, I'm going to have to see if  Ikea will see me 50 replacement pieces.

Both kids started a new daycare/preschool this week. Meg did great the first day, not so much the other two days, which makes me sad. Although Andy won't need aftercare (yet) due to my current work schedule, I wanted him to get familiar with it should he need to go on occasion. Also, I wanted him to meet a couple of kids that will be going to his elementary school. Getting back to some schedule is going to be a good thing. Meg especially is staying up too late (mostly because she won't go to bed). She transitioned out of her crib while we were on vacation so I got a baby gate to keep her in her room. I worried about locking her in, but her room is on the second floor and I fear her roaming around half awake looking for me. I did ask the doctor about it first who said it was fine. Of course, she now goes in her room and wails loudly about wanting to get out, but that'll settle down eventually, right? Right?

Andy starts kindergarten a week from Monday. Wow.


  1. Sounds like everything is spinning and fast! Craigs list the boxes under free stuff and put your address on it (and a note NOT to come to the door). Those boxes will be gone within an hour or so (then kill the ad). don't even have to break them all down (unless the chance of the missing hardware is still there.) Could they have been helpful and put the hardware in your tool box? You know, SO helpful?

    I bet in a bit, once Meg gets all this change under her belt, she will settle down. All of you have had so very much in the change dept. Do you guys have a meet the teacher thing next week, prior to the start of school? Or a tour or ? when is the first day? Austin is Monday, the 23rd.

    I wish you a calm, restful, peaceful week ahead!

  2. oh, and when did your daughter get to be a GIRL? No longer the little toddler, not quite a baby. She is standing tall, lots of hair, a GIRL. Still some toddler, but an older toddler. whoa.