Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Things that make you go, "Hmmmm"

So Bjorn and I both applied to register to vote in Texas. And both of us had our applications returned for "insufficient information." Bjorn's was because they said his social security number wasn't valid, mine because it said I failed to complete the "citizenship question."

As you may have heard, the Texas governor's race between incumbent Rick Perry (R) and former Houston mayor Bill White (D) is getting a lot of attention these days. It wouldn't take much to figure out that Bjorn was active in the Barack Obama campaign in Virginia and would likely be voting for White as well. Do you think there's a conspiracy here? I mean, one incomplete voter registration form is one thing, but two? A solid 100 percent?

I must say I have voted in most elections (I won't say all, because come on, I was in college for a while) and I have never had a voter form rejected, whether it be for voting absentee or changing my location. Considering the White campaign is trying to tap into the Hispanics, many of whom are first time voters and might be dissuaded by an official letter like this, the whole thing smells a little fishy, that's all.


  1. ewwww. I don't want to think that but it is weird. bummer too, two less votes against good hair boy. (if I see his ad one more time about "how he confronted Barack Obama", like he is a tough guy... I remember when it happened when Obama landed in Austin. It was contrived then and folks called it back then. Now it is used as a political tool. Niiiiiccccceeeeeee.)

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I think I registered to vote at the DMV in Virginia. Was there even a citizenship question on there? Or do you mean the "are you a citizen" question? Either way, weird. Does this mean neither of you will be eligible to vote on Nov. 2?