Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chap this

This stuff is awesome though quite expensive.
Good thing I've still got a tub of it lying around.
Meg's in a phase right now where she likes to lick her lips and chin. It's probably because it's getting dry and cool here (hard to believe that would ever happen) and it feels good. She's been getting nice red rings on her chin. I was putting Chapstick and Neosporin on, but neither was making much difference until I had the genius idea to use some some diaper cream. It seems to have the basic properties of needing to resist moist areas. I also have loads of this very awesome butt paste (no paid product placement, just a fan). To my surprise, it works great! It also smells way better than A&D ointment which also works well, but makes me gag ever so slightly every time I use it. Go me!

Meanwhile, despite all the holiday excess, it's occurring to me that Andy's birthday is in a month and I need to be thinking about some kind of birthday. Last year I got away with just inviting the boys in his class, but with his new love affair with a girl in his class, we certainly can't leave her out which means inviting all 22 kids. Any ideas for good birthday party places? We haven't been to a lot here so I am not sure where to start.


  1. Bouncy anything, public or the private ones (we have a private one-pump it up- that is expensive but nice in the privacy, non shared bouncy sort of way). bowling, gymanastics, some sort of goofy sports thingy. We did bouncy, I think for six years old. Heaven forbid as I hate the big rat but Chuck E Cheese still is ok at six due to all the video games. If you can stomach the pizza (can't believe that they get away w/ calling it pizza). We went to a yoga party that didn't really work too great. The ones that are at places that have multiple options (bowling, rock climbing, lazer tag, golf, video games) are good for six though, often a six year old is on the cusp of getting to do some of that and his five year old friends are not old enough, so watch out there.

    Good luck!

  2. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Have you thought about the local neighborhood firehouse? Here, you can tour the house, the truck, etc. and they set up tables for cake time.
    Also, I've used lansinoh for chapped faces--it's clear and a powerful layer of protections between the skin and moisture.

  3. Great ideas. You're right, Julie, about the firehouse. Now I need to sell Andy that it's better than Chuck E Cheese.