Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reason #3948 for why I hate carpet

I really, really hate carpet. It's a pain in the neck to keep clean, especially this off-white carpet that adorns half my house. With moving in trauma to the carpet, the frequent cat throw up, regular child messes and Andy's recent bout of nose bleeds, it's time to get it cleaned. I haven't done this in ages so I started asking for quotes. So far, the lowest has been about $400 to clean just half the bedrooms, family rooms and hallway. And that's before I added on cleaning the back staircase at $2 a step. This is a necessity due Andy's nosebleed the other night where he left a trail of blood from his room, down the hallway, down the back stairs and into our room. I swear we don't beat him. Much, anyway.

At these rates, I might have to suck it up and rent one of those carpet cleaners for $50 from the grocery store. I haven't tried to use one since circa 1995 when I moved out of my apartment in Alexandria, Va., and headed for life in the big city of Washington, D.C. My apartment there in Woodley Park had ancient hardwood floors. Sure, I could get a splinter going to the bathroom, but at least I didn't have to vacuum.

So has anyone tried getting one of those do-it-yourself carpet cleaners of late? Am I better off sucking it up and hiring someone at that price? Bjorn's Blackberry is about to implode so we've been thinking of getting him an iPhone, partially so he can follow the NCAA tournament on his phone and stop using mine. Which is better? Bjorn + iPhone and us cleaning ourselves or hiring professionals and no iPhone?


  1. Get the iPhone.

    Google carpet cleaning Southlake and look for coupons. Dalworth, Kiwi (I think they promise future visits for free) and try Service Magic to get quotes.

  2. Julie L3:09 PM

    Do they have Oxy Magic or Oxi Clean in your area? It's not as expensive, way less intrusive and does a very good job. Also, no yucky chemicals and it dries pretty easily. I usually have the main living rooms clean 2-3x year and the bedrooms once a year. I don't think I've ever paid $200+ for it, but you have a much bigger house, I think. I have rented a cleaner from HEB and done it myself, back in the day, but honestly my time is worth more than that at this point.