Wednesday, June 22, 2011

On the go

Last weekend, my cousins visited from Austin. The kids had a blast! Margaret did consent to wearing a skirt in this picture, which is an upgrade over the nakedness she was rocking minutes before.
Bjorn has been commenting that I never seem to update this anymore. Part of the problem is that the kids are home for the summer. I have a sitter, but they're still bounding into my office occasionally, especially in the evenings. They also have decided that if the sun is only going to set for like 8 hours a day, that's about all the sleep they need, thanks. Mommy, however, disagrees.

I also got a new computer a few months ago and it's proven to be a pain to get my camera to upload pictures. Yada yada yada, too lazy, busy. Well, I just discover Blogger has added a new mobile upload feature. Watch out, Internets! I'm going to be going crazy. Maybe.

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