Thursday, January 19, 2012

Enjoy it!

Several friends posted this essay this week on parenting that so rang true, I laughed out loud several times. Then I sent it to several friends. I love my kids. Loads, even. But there are certain situations and days that are just a challenge and that's always the day that some random stranger tells you to love every minute of it. Hee. Good stuff. It's always nice to know I'm not alone in thinking that while motherhood is truly one of the coolest adventures I've ever undertaken, some days are more fun than others.

Speaking of fun though, we've been having some good stuff lately.

This is the makings of the pinewood derby car Andy (and Bjorn) will race this weekend. We finally found use of a Dremel that's been in the garage since we bought it to renovate our kitchen in our last house, probably circa 2004. It's nice when being a pack-rat pays off.

This is the inside of the laser tag arena where we had Andy's party. I may have had more fun than he did.

Unwrapping presents. We had a small group - four kids plus Andy - so we could do that during a break in the action.

I can't recall what he got but it apparently smells really bad.

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