Monday, February 06, 2012

Birthday girl

For Meg's 4th birthday, she requested a fancy dinner at...Subway. It was adorable. The boys working there were surprised to see a family walking in laden with presents but when I explained it, they were really sweet to her. I will enjoy this. Soon enough, she will be like her big sister who quickly figured out that lobster, shrimp and sushi taste good.

Her big present from us was a new bike. She's already making strides on it and has the bruises and scrapes on her hands to prove it. She desperately wants to keep up with big brother and it's not there yet.

She was lucky enough to also get a Barbie from Fafa, a cool hopscotch game from Jennifer, a stuffed Minnie Mouse and DVD from Mark, leotards from Grandmother, $5 from Tia (all the cash in the world when you're 4) and pom-poms from Bitsie. It was a great birthday.

We had her party at the gymnastics center yesterday. I think it went pretty well and was inexpensive all things considered.

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