Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The case of the lucky penny

So Meg swallowed a penny last week. It was the middle of our vacation and I was getting the kids into bed when I noticed her trying to put her fingers down her throat so she could throw up the penny she had just swallowed. I immediately sat her up and started patting her back, she vomited a little and I sent Andy down to get help (one of the beauties of 11 people staying in the same house).

We all figured it would be fine, but Mary pointed out that some coins have lead in them so I called poison control just to be safe. Conveniently, I had it saved in my iPhone since the last time Meg made me call poison control. They said so long as she seemed to be feeling fine and was breathing normally (she was), that she should be fine but to check her stools for the next week to make sure it passed.

And now here we are, 6 days later, and I have yet to recover her "lucky" penny. This leads me to believe several things:
1) She pooped in this time and didn't tell me (most likely)
2) Her stomach acid ate the penny (possible, or possibly that it was eaten beyond recognition during my, uh, searches for it).
3) Gremlins ate it (Andy's thought)
4) It's still in there.

We see a new pediatrician on Friday. I'm going to ask her then if we need to do anything else. In the meantime, if it happens to come out naturally and I happen to see it, I'll post a picture. Just what you always wanted!

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