Thursday, May 24, 2012


Someone in my house is a carrier for strep. My leading suspect is someone under the age of eight, a male, weighs 50 pounds and likes to play the guitar no matter how out of tune it may be.

I don't recall ever having strep as a kid. This was disappointing, too. All my friends had it and I just had plain old sore throats. What fun is that? A real sore throat has a name and comes with antibiotics and not Luden's cough drops. But since I've had kids, I've had strep three times. The first time I was pregnant with Meg. Andy didn't get it, but I did. It was a rough few days being 6 months pregnant and achy and miserable. Last spring I got it and now this week.

I need to ask my doctor about if I need to get my tonsils taken out or something because this really sucks to be down for the count with high fever, chills and sore throat for two solid days.


  1. Kids get strep in weird places. My son had it on his toes once, and my daughter would get it on her chin, or some other weird spot. It would look like a rash, I'd put some ointment on it...then I'd have strep throat. I've become allergic to 2 types of antibiotics since having kids!

  2. Bjorn2:08 PM

    Right, blame Andy instead of your obviously poor upbringing. If your parents had cared at all, they would have exposed you to strep the way they did chickenpox, or cotillion.