Monday, June 25, 2012

That's right

We are the Sunday coed champions. In addition to a "free" T-shirt that I have paid for 100 times over, we also got our picture taken with the longhorn. We have a great team of some former college players. It's great fun. Next season we move up a division. Should be interesting to see how we do. Either way, champs today! Meg and Andy both thought we should have gold medals though. Next time.

I leave for a week on Tuesday on VACATION. Without the family. For a week. I am so excited and also nervous. I have not left the kids except for a few work trips. I hope I remember how to relax and travel without a change of clothing and snacks for everyone. Then again, that might make me most popular. Only with this group, Instead of capri suns, I will pack a bag Of wine.

Also Meg is sleeping around. Again.

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