Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Your kid in singing what exactly?

My taught went to pre-school yesterday singing, "Balls in Your Mouth." I know, it sounds pretty awful, even though it's really about the BP oil spill and tar balls. As I dropped her off, I explained quietly to her teacher that she had been singing a Jimmy Fallon song and while it sounded really awful, it wasn't as bad as all that. She snickered and nodded, but I'm not sure how she felt when Margaret started singing in later.

In my defense, Bjorn got the CD for father's day. That's right, in June. But somehow, Andy started singing it over the weekend and Meg got in on the action. The refrain stuck and before we knew it, they were singing it together. As we tried to shut it down, we, naturally, made the whole thing more interesting. As a result, I have two kids singing about Balls in their Mouth.

We try to stay classy here.

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