Friday, February 22, 2013

The one with the dentist and the clubhouse

Andy at the dentist. Apparently he needs to do a better job of brushing the back of his mouth and teeth. As you can see, he wasn't thrilled to get this news. 

This one brushes fine, but she grinds her teeth, bad. They don't give mouthguards to kids and the hope is she'll outgrow it. Considering Bjorn and I are both teeth grinders, I don't think that's likely. 

Celebrating Mom and Dad's birthday at Al Beirnat's. Oh, and Christmas, too. We had fun. 

As a kid, we had a cabin in the backyard that we played with for years, until it finally fell apart. It was fantastic. We played Little House on the Prairie out there and just about anything else. I'd been looking for one for our yard and finally found a good one at Costco. Poor Bjorn did not realize it would take 10 hours to put together. 

I love this picture. Barrett and Andy look like little puppies or goats sticking their heads out to look at the instructions. 

The completed house. A great idea except then we had to hoist it over the fence to get in the backyard. It wasn't as bad as building a boat in the basement, but it wasn't great planning. 

Here is the house in the backyard complete with a girl in it. Meg and I have since put some petunias in the flower basket. It's seriously adorable. 

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