Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring break 2013

Andy and Margaret ride the BMW motorcycle. I want one.  
Jennifer asked her what book she wanted to read. Margaret picked out a Home Depot book. I think she likes the pictures.  
Elizabeth flying like a bird at the new Perot Science Museum in downtown Dallas. The kids and I tried to get tickets during spring break but it was actually booked. 

Megan and Andy by the river at the ranch. I love this picture of them. 

Bjorn at the Texas Central Hemophilia event. I won signed Wayne Gretsky hockey sticks in the poker tournament. 

Elizabeth and I at the ranch. Emma took this picture. She did pretty well. Now we just throw away the other four versions that cut off our heads. 

Meg took this picture of Emma. I love it. 

Here are the (not so little) girls down by the water. Margaret needs a new bathing suit, obviously. Look at the droop on those bottoms. 

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