Sunday, February 28, 2010


I'll admit, there were times over the past two years that I've had my doubts about my ability to manage two kids. But the last few months have made me realize how totally awesome it is two children, not to mention how great it is for them to have each other. They have settled into a routine of playing together that just warms my heart, and even allows me to finish my breakfast sometimes. I love getting them ready for a bath while Andy tries to make her play Magic School Bus while she pretends to do what he wants. Half the time, she even plays the game. The other half of the time, well, she knocks down his toys and he cries. I do fiind that I'm spending a lot of time trying to smooth out their disagreements -- he cries that she broke/messed up/ruined whatever it was he was doing. And if he stands up to her or tries to keep her out of his room, she cries to protest. This will surely get old, but I do love their relationship and how it's evolving.

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