Saturday, February 13, 2010

Two year check-up

Meg had her two year well-visit yesterday and it's again offiicial that she is growing and developing perfectly. She weighed in at a solid 31 pounds and is 35 1/2 inches tall. If you follow the old wives tale of doubling their height at age two that makes her 5'11". If you take away and inch or two because she's a girl (some have you add an inch or two for a boy) she is at least 5'9". No one is more thrilled than Bjorn who is planning her basketball and volleyball career.

No shots at this visit, thankfully, but they did a finger prick for a blood test. Nurse Sylvia hates that part of her job but Meg was unfazed. We were all surprised.

I asked again about the fat deposit/umbilical hernia. She said that she thinks it's a fat deposit since it doesn't push in like a hernia but there isn't really a way to tell without doing something invasive and neither of us want that yet. She did say to keep an eye on it since hernias can become impacted and turn purple and painful. She said she had never seen an umbilical hernia ever become impacted in her practice so that was good to hear.

In other news I finally got my old Dell desktop working with a wireless card. Funny how a 2001 desktop can run better than. 2009 laptop. Not that I'm not still totally bitter about my Acer laptop breaking or anything. But that means I am finally able to upload pictures again so be prepared for some total awesomeness and adorableness soon.

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