Sunday, March 14, 2010

Houston, we have a loose tooth

I took Andy to the dentist on Friday. (I must say, having Fridays off is pretty handy since inevitiably I am at the peditratician's, dentist's, optometrist's, ENT -- you name it). It was a new dentist for us. We used to go to a dentist that came highly recommended in Tyson's Corner. He was great and had a really cute jungle theme, highly efficient and amazing hygenists. Really. But he was just geographically undesirable. With traffic, it took practically half a day to get to there and back. So, off we went to the new dentist.

The dentist herself was quite nice and friendly. I cared less for the hygenist who seemed quite irritated that Andy was whining a bit. "Stop crying You'll get done faster that way." A fair point, but as I have learned through my outstanding parenting, firmly stating "stop crying" doesn't really work all that well. He did calm down enough for the example.

Fortunately, no cavities (phew). And as a total surprise to me, he has two loose teeth. The front bottom teeth are wiggly -- one very wiggly and the other just a little. She suggested we practice wiggling it a little every day to ensure it's loose enough for the permanent tooth to push up and out, otherwise, it might come in behind the baby tooth. She expects the first tooth out within a month, the second probably a couple months after that.

It's funny, I was a little proud and nostalgic about the whole thing. I certainly wasn't expecting it (I was more expecting the crushing news of a cavity).

Next up, figuring out the Tooth Fairy. Someone gave me a really neat gift after I had Meg that's a tooth fairy pillow. Her reasoning was that with second kids, you already have the basic stuff. I thought it was a super cool gift. Now I just have to find it.


  1. Growing up!

    Save that tooth for the science fair!

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  3. A good dentist for kids is the one who checks them up with a friendly approach. They should make the kids feel that everything will go fine. But, be sure to be a good guide for Andy on taking care of his teeth, so that there won't be any instances of cavity to surface.