Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letting the terrorist win

Aw, sleeping baby. Adorable, right? Young Margaret actually has it out for me (and herself) these days. We've been having several power struggles where she looks right at me and does something she's not supposed to, like hitting or running into the street. I think it's a ploy for attention so I need to think about how best to address it. While she doesn't like being told "no" by everyone in the house, she definitely gets attention by it so I need to shift the dialogue and the attention to catching her doing something good. That has to exist, right? Right?

She's back to sleeping in the crib...for now. I am going to further remove everything interesting from the room and then try again. I initially thought this weekend, but maybe I'll wait a couple more weeks. She's also very interested in potty training right now (my girl went no. 1 and no. 2 on the toilet this morning!) so I might take one huge milestone at a time.


  1. She is completely adorable and congratulations on the potty success! That number 2 is AWESOME (did I really just type awesome and in caps? be afraid).
    Mary did something like a million different changes in the space of two months (gave up naps, started using the potty, and went to a big girl bed.). She has NOT been as easy as G was, by a long shot. Backtracked and if I could keep her from going number 1 in the wrong places (about 10% of the time), life would be good. Crib has been gone for over three months, I think? She had her first break down about it yesterday. I want it!!! Etc, etc. I wish you luck and look forward to updates! It gives me hope for my little wild thing. (see post that I am about to write) Girls. OH dear.

  2. I love the title. When Jocelyn first started having public DefCon Level 5 meltdowns in public Jon and I agreed that our motto would be: We don't negotiate with terrorists. We scooped her up and zipped out at the first sign she was beyond reason and let her wail in the car. By contrast, Jacob at 3 is not a DefCon meltdown boy. Kids are like a box of chocolate...
    We get the deliberate defiance from Jacob ALL THE FREAKING TIME. It sucks, but I'm hoping it runs its course soon, and will hope the same for Meg! I don't think he wants attention, I think he wants to know where the boundaries are and in what situations the rules are enforced. And as I am not awesome at the consistent enforcement with him (he's so cute! I'm so tired!)...well, not sure when it will end.

  3. Enforcement is not my strong suit either. Glad to know I'm not the only one!