Thursday, May 27, 2010

The big, big purge

Remind me again why we're moving? Oh right, higher standard of living for less money and the chance to be near my family. That's good to remind myself because moving sure is a huge pain in the neck. I have spent the last several weeks cleaning, purging and rearranging. I've practically got Purple Heart on speed dial just to get all the crap off my front porch. I really had no idea how much stuff I have. Really. I know everyone says that, but I have actually been working on getting rid of stuff for a while. When the big kids moved home, I got rid of a bunch of furniture then. I also routinely go through mine and the little kids' closets to donate and pass along to other kids. Yet I still have an enormous amount of stuff to get rid of.

My attic is just about filled with boxes. Fortunately we're just about ready to list the house next week so I think I've gotten up there just about all that is going to go up there. Jennifer moves into her new place first of next week, which gives me about a day to then clean up the basement and rearrange some furniture from other parts of the house. I have invited some friends over allegedly for my birthday, but in reality everyone is going to help me get the place ready.

It's going to be a real challenge keeping the place neat so it can be showed. I had a long talk with the kids about it last night -- how there can be no laundry not folded, dishes have to go in the sink, beds made and everything off the floor. Mark mostly groaned. The little kids I can boss around, but Mark, well, not so much. My realtor has said she'll throw away any of his stuff he leaves on the floor so that should be interesting.

I have survived okay without Bjorn. I miss him terribly, but I'm excited to hear the new job seems to be going well. I know he was pretty choked up when he left so I felt pretty sorry for him headed off to the big unknown as the advance team until I spent all last weekend cleaning windows and shampooing carpets. Then, well, not so much.

Now, who wants to buy a four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath on 1/3 of an acre in Fairfax? Come on, it's walking distance to Royal Lake, Laurel Ridge Elementary, Robinson Secondary and Commonwealth Swim Club. Plus, it's right off the bus line with easy access to the Pentagon, VRE and DC. I'll make you a deal!

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  1. That sounds SO hard w/o Bjorn! But you will be so glad once it is done. I bet your house sells in a heartbeat. It is such a great house! One thing that helped me keep up w/ the mess was hiring a housekeeper to come every two weeks to really get the stuff that I just didn't have time for. I really wanted her once a week, but financially, just not in the cards. But a housekeeper to get that random gunk like in the stove, and baseboards and tubs. Oh and behind the toilets. it can be done w/ two kids but man, once you sell, the mess can come back fast and it JUST doesn't matter!

    I am excited for you to move back to Texas and hey! I will get to see your fella next week! OH. Does this mean ya'lls first time to be away on birthdays? that is a bummer.

    It will be great and I bet it will be fast. (unless you listed for over 4 million. Then ?!?!) Can't wait to meet your little (big) guys!