Tuesday, June 01, 2010

The monster

Meg has turned into a monster. An adorable, lovely, cuddly, curly haired, sweet talking monster. We went to the beach this weekend where she played her own special game of Shit My Kids Ruined. At the beach, she managed to break my iPhone, my prescription sunglasses, my camera and my own will to live, at times. Actually, I can't really blame the camera's demise on her. It got some sand in it most likely, but still.

I must say that, my warranty expired on Sunday, but I went to the Apple store yesterday and they fixed the LCD screen for free in less than half an hour. They even didn't complain too much when a little soft serve Dairy Queen ice cream ended up on the floor in their white store with computers everywhere. It's a good thing they were so obnoxious actually. I might have ended up buying myself a Macbook. They looked dreamy and might actually work unlike my current laptop.

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  1. What a nice shirt you're wearing in this picture!