Monday, September 27, 2010


One of the really great things about being back in Texas is being near my family. I have one of those awesome southern families where we have lots of cousins who aren't even actually related, but are those cool people you see every holiday so you never really realize until you're older that you had a first cousin who was once married to a guy who had an in-law who is your cousin. It's kind of awesome actually.

This weekend, we had family come up for the Texas State Fair. They came to our house Saturday night and then we met for lunch yesterday. The kids who are about a year apart respectively had a grand time. It was really cool. Andy has asked if George can come over for a sleepover tomorrow. Poor kid doesn't realize Austin is three hours away.

As for the fair, I went on Friday with my sister and another friend to experience all sorts of treats, like Texas Caviar (fried black eyed peas) and Chicken Fried Steak on a Stick. Both were good, but not fantastic. What was great though? Fried Chocolate. It was basically a chocolate donut with whipped cream and powered sugar that tasted kind of like a brownie. Good stuff.


  1. so wonderful to see you guys! George had a blast too and will be over this evening (you don't mind, do you?).

  2. I told G this morning that Andy asked him over for a sleepover and that it wasn't truly feasible due to the distance, he got seriously sad. "really, mom? But we will get to someday, right? I really want to have a sleepover w/ Andy. You will make it work, right?". Alas. It was quite sweet!