Sunday, January 26, 2014

Baby girl turns 6

I spent a few minutes today re-reading Margaret's birth story back from 2008. I
am so glad I wrote it down because my recollection of the details is fuzzy. As they say, I have slept since then. Or as the case may me, have not slept.

So 3:09 am on January 26, 2008. Kind of amazing. 

In other news, I was in Virginia for work most of last week. It snowed about eight inches on Tuesday and it was gorgeous. Fortunately my flight wasn't affected. It was packed though - abnormal for a 6:30 am anything. I heard from people on the plane that several folks were trying to get into DC before the storm. Turns out it did cause a lot of flights to be cancelled so I got lucky. Getting up at 4:30 am isn't my favorite. I prefer to be going to bed then rather than waking up. 

This picture is from the Mosiac district near my office. Funny, when I moved they had just town down a bunch of cranky fast food joints like KFC and Boston Markwt. Now they have all been replaced by awesome restaurants and stores. Well done, Fairfax. Well done. 

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