Thursday, March 06, 2014


It's finally starting to warm up here. Thank God. Because it's been a long miserable winter and I actually like winter. Most years, anyway. I generally like cold weather and snow, but this year, it seems the hits just keep coming. 

Andy has started taking fencing. He sort of likes it. He says the face mask smells. It probably does. 

Hello there, daffodils! Glad to see you! I hope the latest sleet storm doesn't kill you. 

The kids had Jump Rope for Heart. It was hilarious. I remember loving to jump rope so it was fun to see them get excited about it. I prompted ordered a jump rope. And they've used it twice. 

Margaret's Jump Rope for Heart included loads of jumping games. 

Another snow day, another snow angel. 

In honor of the winter Olympics, we went ice skating. Damn, it's hard. I was sore for days afterwards. 

And Blitzen. Because she's just cute. 

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