Monday, December 01, 2008


It is so much fun having an almost four year old at Christmas time. Andy is so incredibly excited about all of it. He remembers Christmas trees from the year before, but the rest of it all seems new. Last night we hung the stockings (including baby Margaret Anne's, thanks Mom!) and he was thrilled to see his name. Well, until this morning when he started telling me that he wanted more Santa on his stocking although he's quite pleased that only he and Meg have bells on the bottoms on theirs.

Bjorn's mom gave the kids advent calendars and he was so excited to get up this morning and open number 1, not only because it has chocolate behind it. I tried to explain that we count down until Christmas and it's clear I need to teach the kid something about religion.

Me: Andy, whose birthday is on Christmas? Is it Jesus' birthday?
Andy: ...Birthday? Is it my birthday?

Perhaps I should invest in some religious toys like this one.

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