Thursday, December 04, 2008


I did something nice this week. I wrote a letter to Andy's school telling them how great his teacher is. We really like her. In fact, there were a few weeks over the summer and fall where she was out of town and then working in the office. Those were not good weeks for us. Andy was out of sorts at drop off and never really seemed in sync. Once she returned, all that went away. She also seems to really care about him and is great about communicating with us.

I got the idea from the Ask Amy column. I'm a little ashamed to admit I read Ask Amy, but I usually start with the Washington Post by reading Page 3 of the Style section for the gossip. Then I go to the very awesome Carolyn Hax and then if there's time or I have the page open when shoving baby food into a person, I may read Amy. Anyway, there was a recent thread about giving teachers gifts for the holidays. A teacher wrote in to say the gifts are nice, but what they love are letters to the administration about their skills as well as homemade stuff made from the kids.

It was nice to write the letter. Better yet, by submitting it, I turned Ms. Paris in for an award with the school and she's going to get recognized. I sent the copy to the director and printed out a copy to give to her in person. I gave it to her at the end of the day and she told me the next day that she almost cried. How sweet is that? And yes, I am a little proud of myself. The whole experience was so great though that I am on the hunt for other great people that I can say nice things about.


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

    Good for you! People are always so willing to take time out of their day to criticize bad service but a precious few do so to praise the opposite. What you did is reaffirm Andy’s teacher that her job matters, that people notice her effort and made getting up for work every morning that much easier for her.

  2. Right here, Katherine. Get on it.

  3. that column is absolutely right....the gifts are nice, but the letters are the best. One of the things I remember most about my SACC days is a letter that one of parents (grandparent actually in this case) wrote. She took the time to mention each and every staff member (there were over 20 as it was the summer program). I kept that letter until very recently!!

    GOOD JOB!!!

    OH, and how 'bout saying something nice about your soccer friends???!!!!!