Tuesday, March 03, 2009

In need of a shaman to kill the demon germs in the hosue

So now both kids are sick and with seemingly different things. Both had a fever Sunday. Andy had one yesterday, but Meg didn't. Andy took a nap, which was unusual and unusually long yesterday only to be up and down in the night and bouncing off the walls this morning. I sent him to school this morning and got a somewhat expected call in the afternoon that his fever returned so I went to get him. I took him home, medicated with Tylenol to restore his spirit somewhat (it worked) and gave him a bath.

As I'm giving him a bath, Ayesha calls to say Meg threw up after her nap. No big deal, she was sort of coughing some mucus from sleeping (normal for her). I explained what I was doing and would be there shortly. In that half hour, she called back to say Meg threw up two more times and had two diarrhea diapers. My poor baby.

I got her home and she gave some good dry heaves with bile on me and cried. I got her a bath and into her pajamas. I had every intention of spooning some Pedialyte into her slowly, but she was so thirsty and sad when I refused that I gave in and gave her about five ounces. Bjorn was able to get her to fall asleep on his shoulder about 6 p.m. and now we're working to get Andy off to bed early. I think I might turn in early myself.

If you have any home remedies or suggestions, please post. I can't find some of my baby health books. I seem to be losing books. Or my mind. Hard to say.

Meanwhile, I still don't have my camera hooked up to this computer. BUT I did get the scanner/printer installed and have been amusing myself by scanning in some old pictures and posting on Facebook, including this gem from Galveston circa 1991. Aren't we hot!


  1. George was a hurler and once it bit us in the butt that we didn't wake her to get fluids in him. We spent the day after a Thanksgiving in the ER and then that night in the hospital due to dehydration (the fluid bag in the ER still didn't perk him up or make him urinate.) A dropper of water or pedialyte a LOT. If she kept those five ounces down though, that is positive for a bit. Also, our nurses said once they start to dry heave, don't give anything for two hours (give or take) as their stomach needs to settle down. HYDRATE even if it means little sleep. she will be so tired, she will go right back to sleep (but will you? another story). the smaller they are, the more often they need fluids. One nurse once told me a dropper full every ten minutes. I wished I had listened that day after Thanksgiving...

    good luck!

  2. excuse me, wake HIM, not her... My brain...

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  4. That girl on the left is smoking.