Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My little climber

Meg isn't walking yet, but that doesn't stop her from throwing her leg over everything and standing on it. I was getting dressed the other morning while she played in Mark/Jennifer's room. I came in a few minutes later to find her standing on one of the kid chairs with a big grin on her face. If she can get her leg over it, she'll climb on it and likely stand. It's thrilling and scares me all the same.

She continues to make baby steps toward walking. It's so amazing to see her standing alone and scootching a step or so. Even Andy gets in on the cheering which just warms my heart. He has also taken to calling her Meggie. I have reservations about the nickname based on my own personal biases, but coming from him, how can I not love it?

Her language is picking up, too. It's clear she understands a lot of what we say now and can follow basic commands, like "Let's climb the stairs," or "Do you want a bath?" She also can say a few things now, like ball and car. I even heard her say "bye bye" to Andy this morning.

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  1. My niece is a Meghan. Her unfortunately nick-name was schmegs. Be thankful.