Sunday, March 08, 2009


We got a taste of spring this weekend and it was sure lovely. We spent a lot of time outdoors including putting together a new patio tent for the backyard. The box lied that it only took an hour to put together. After the first two hours, our marriage nearly collapsed. Then he figured out how to finish it and Mark and Jennifer helped us carry it into it's annointed spot. In the meantime, I had some great parenting while I tried to distract the kids to help out.

Here I let Meg play on the patio in her pajamas. She loves this car and eventually managed to climb on it enough that she lost her balance and skinned her forehead.
My first-born proudly urinating in my garden. Sure, I could have stopped him rather than taking a picture.

Bjorn working on the patio tent. This is at about hour three. Andy took the picture as evidenced by the smudge that he personally put on the lens from the macaroni and cheese he refused to eat for lunch.

This wasn't from this weekend, but it was on the camera and so damn cute I had to share it. She's such a smiley, happy girl, especially when her teething problem is properly medicated.


  1. Michelle1:53 PM

    Andy peeing in the garden is a priceless pic!

  2. We are classy!

  3. gotta love the picture of Andy peeing!!