Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our first real allergic reaction

Once you have a kid, you learn more about allergies than you want -- all about what foods to introduce when and what can cause reactions and what to look out for. I was relieved when the allergy test showed Andy had no allergies to foods and cats, just dust and pollen/weeds. Therefore I was quite surprised when Andy came down to breakfast all red in the face and having spots on his chest.

We promptly went to the ped for their walk-in sick appointments that only go to 11 and there can be a wait. Fortunately, it wasn't a bad wait, but I was surprised to hear that they think it's the Ceptra that he's been on for a week for a ear infection. I was surprised since he's been on it for a week with no trouble and had even been on it before. Apparently that can be common with these sulphur-based antibiotics. Go figure. She recommended antihistamine today to counteract the reaction and we got a prescription of another antibiotic to start tomorrow for the ear infection that hasn't cleared up yet.

This means now that whenever we go to another doctor or the ER and they ask for allergies, we have to say Ceptra. That makes me a little sad, but fortunately this type of antibiotic isn't that prevalent or in other stuff so we won't have to worry about it too much.


  1. I want to see a closeup of the picture of Meg - she looks very glamorous!

  2. To be safe, you should probably rule out all Sulphurs... you never know. G3 is also allergic to sulphurs, not that big of a deal, but still - - what a drag for Andy!

  3. Wendy-
    Tell me more about these sulphurs. What else are they in? And does this include sulphur waters and stuff?

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