Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soccer day

Today was soccer day. Andy has been practically counting the hours until his first "game" (well, he would if he really understood the concept of hours. As it is, he just asked every day when his first game was and the all day today he was ready to go. I am not sure it lived up to the hype as about half an hour in to a one hour practice/game, he was ready to sit and have a third water break. The bad part about being an assistant coach was I was right there for him to whine to during the practice.

We had an hour long coaching clinic last night. The main message was keep the kids busy with lots of games and don't focus too much on the fundamentals of soccer. Just have fun, keep things moving and you'll be fine. Easier said than done. I have a whole new appreciation for preschool teachers. The 10 kids did great for about the first 30 minutes. Then we had the obligatory water break and they never quite recovered. In their defense, it was 75 and sunny -- by far the nicest day since last fall. I'd give my first effort a C+. We'll do better next week.

In an unrelated note, Meg cannot be without a diaper for a minute without peeing. Sometimes twice. It's a struggle getting Andy undressed at bath time and I sometimes get her dressed to motivate him that she's going to "beat" him into the tub. Sadly, that means she's sometimes naked for all of five minutes. Tonight I got her undressed and she promptly climbed on Andy's bed and peed. I then took the sheets off and as I walked them the FIVE FEET to the hamper, she climbed on the bed and peed again. Thankfully, I have a plastic sheet on his bed.

We went to the doctor yesterday and Andy had an allergy test. It was an interesting thing for them to have a six pronged comb type thing that they scratched onto his back to test for allergens. The good news is he's not allergic to cats or any foods, but he does have reactions to dust mites, pollen and tree molds. He recommends Claritin daily through spring, a vent cleaning and getting rid of the down pillows in favor of polyfill. Fortunately, he doesn't seem too bothered, but it's something we'll have to watch.

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