Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Mark your calendar

I watch Meg take two steps tonight. She can totally walk now if she wants, but right now she's still a little too tentative. It's funny, she'll take steps on her own, but if I reach out to have her walk to me, she smiles big and drops to crawl. I suppose she's not a baby anymore.

Andy, on the other hand, clearly wants to be a baby again. He keeps talking about getting back into Mommy's tummy (sorry, not going to happen). He also insisted I put the pack and play in his room so he can sleep there. So far, he has only slept there for two hours before crying that his neck hurt. He is also spending a lot of time saying, "Ga ga, goo goo, I'm a baby." I had no idea the Freudian stuff started this early.

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