Sunday, August 09, 2009


Meg likes the pool, but prefers to wear her swimsuit like this. Next year I'm getting her a different style. I don't think she likes it around her neck. That or she prefers to show her chest.

Everyone in the house loves Wii. Even Meg has her own Mii now. Here she is getting her first body test. I think her Wii Fit age was 12. Random.

The big tree branch that fell during last week's storm. Since then, we've had at least 10 different tree people stop by trying to offer their services. We're getting an arborist out next week to make sure to rebalance it so it doesn't crash on the house next time.

A picture during Cousin P.J.'s visit. I've been a little slow to upload lately. Kodak EasyShare Gallery is proving anything but easy for me right now.

Apparently boys must start comparing early as witnessed as I got the boys ready for a bath.

Meg looks so much like Bjorn in his glasses. It cracks me up.

Seriously, is the just the most adorable right now? She is also so close to talking that it makes it so much better for me when we can actually communicate.


  1. Yes, she's so cute, it hurts!

  2. Completely adorable! That smile melts my heart!