Thursday, August 27, 2009


Meg and I are headed to Dallas, then Midland then Pecos and back again over the next four days. Bjorn and Andy are staying home this time. The boys will be fine, but Andy's old enough that he cried about not getting to see his cousin Megan. I must admit, that was a good reason.
It will be interesting just flying and traveling with one kid again, especially with a 19-month-old. I know I thought Andy was so big and grown up at this age, but I certainly don't look at Meg that way. Yet. Or ever, perhaps. I do understand why people call their youngest "Baby" forever.
Here are some recent pictures.
Andy is obsessed with climbing trees right now.
Mark and his roommate Thomas at their new off-campus house at ODU.
Meg being totally adorable.

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  1. trees are so cool and OH, is she adorable! That smile is so wonderful!