Friday, October 23, 2009


My kids are, gasp, actually playing with each other a little these days. It's sort of amazing. It's been 21 months getting here (well, 30 if you count the whole pregnancy thing), but them having each other to play with and entertain each other is pretty damn awesome. And awesome to watch. Granted, now that they can play together they can fight together. There is lots of, "Mine! Mine!" shouted out around our house. Usually from her. Sometimes because he stole something from her. Used to, he could take what he wanted and she didn't mind. Not so much these days. Now she shouts "Mine!" when he's holding something she'd like to play with.
Unrelated, I have been totally obsessed with Mad Men. I discovered it on Netflix first. Now my sister told me about FiOS on demand so I've been watching episodes there, too. Sure, I have work to do, in fact, a lot since this time next week I'll be out of town for work and have a lot to do professionally and personally before then, but damn, that Don Draper is pretty addictive.

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