Sunday, October 18, 2009

Construction results

This is just a gratuitously cute picture of both kids in diaper boxes saying, "cheese." Those diaper boxes somehow hold a special appeal to these guys.

The finished kids' bath. I love theirs almost more than ours. So pretty! Bjorn bought some eggshell white paint and went ahead and put it on the walls behind the toilets after I got the wallpaper remnants off. He'll get the rest of the walls eventually.

Our bath mid-grout. See the cool tiles we have as a border. Love it!

New tiles in our bathroom pre-grout. Also pretty! We had them put them in diagonally, which is very nice. And far nicer than we could have done ourselves.

New tiles before grout. So pretty!
Our bathroom floor after the tiles and subfloor were up (and toilet removed). They then put down backer board before putting down the new tiles. Note the awesome wallpaper that was behind the toilet. That used to be on all the walls. I got it all off a few years ago, but couldn't get behind the toilet. I got it this time.

What we've been living with in the hallway. They did a great job keeping everything clean, but it's still been a mess.

The kids' bathroom floor before. They have already taken off the border tiles and covered it with something to help get the tiles up. Note, this pattern isn't a tile, rather it's lots of little bitty tiles that make up the pattern and thus, lots of grout lines to get dirty.

The leak that started it all. The workers cut out some drywall above the sink in the kitchen to access the pipes under the shower upstairs.

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