Friday, October 16, 2009


We are replacing the tiles in our two upstairs bathrooms. We had a random leak the precipitated the replacement in our bathroom. And while we had the guy in, it was just another few hundred to replace the tiles in the kids' bathroom. All fine, right?

Well, it never occurred to either of us that they would remove the toilets to put the tiles down. Or that it would take more than one day. So we're down to only the half-bath off the kitchen. Not great for me with my small bladder and a kid that often needs to be walked to the toilet at 3 a.m. As Mary would say, this is suboptimal.

As the work began, they naturally discovered that the problem with our bathroom tile is not the source of the leak, but something in our shower. So we're spending $1,000+ to replace something that wasn't broken. Oh sure, the tile was old and yucky and in definite need of replacement, but we didn't have to do it. We still would have had to cut open the ceiling in the kitchen, but that would have been a far cheaper project at a time where it appears we're hemorrhaging money. Personal property taxes are due, yearly insurance rates are here, Mark needs a lot more money for college and Jennifer has decided life on the outside is too expensive and is moving in. Bjorn's got a few deals in the works that, if they work out, would ease our pain quite a bit. Fingers and toes [or legs, as Armando prefers to say] crossed.


  1. Make Jennifer pay for it. Problem solved!

  2. Jennifer10:31 AM

    I think Mark should pay for it. I have never showered in that bathroom before. Ha.

  3. Listen up! Every homeowner gets these little surprises. Jack and I learned that in our 8 year old Quaker home that we needed to replace our heat pump to the tune of $10,000. Also we learned this summer that we needed a new water heater to the tune of $3200 dollars. And then a board came loose on our tall roof (10 foot ceilings on first floor and 9 foot ceilings on second floor) and we had to have some replace that to the tune of $300.

    It never ends when you are a homeowner. However I rather pay these bills than be a homeless person out on the street.

  4. Excellent use of "suboptimal!" Mike Willard would be proud!

  5. Seems like a good time to move to Texas!