Sunday, December 27, 2009

Going commando

I'm proud to report that Andy had seven straight days of waking up with a dry pull-up (including Christmas, which is sort of remarkable considering how tired he was!) To celebrate, he could pick his treat. He wanrted his personal manna -- soda. And maybe some candy. I suggested a Slurpee, which I tried to explain is a combination of soda AND candy only icy and you can drink it through a straw. He thought that idea was just crazy.

He also convinced me that he wants to sleep without a pull-up tonight, which I allowed, mostly because I was trying not to laugh after he put on a pair of his sister's Christmas pajamas that are probably 3T. He's showing his belly and the legs are mid-calf.

In other milestones, he's *this* much closer to be able to reliable wipe his own butt after going to the bathroom. Parenthood really does make you cheer for some strange things.

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  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Wait a minute. You mean I can expect to be wiping butts for another five years??!! Seriously, I had no idea.

    After this discovery, five o'clock might roll around a little earlier tonight.

    Laurie (of Emory/Theta)