Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowpocalypse, part 3

It turns out three straight days in the house with no where to go and no one to look at except ourselves is the limit. On Saturday, we were all set. I had crafts, we had cookies to bake. On Sunday, we did some digging out, some sledding, some cleaning with good cooperation by all. By today, I'm ready to smother everyone and send all the presents back to where they came from.

The adults are all snippy, passive aggressive and oversensitive. The little kids are whiney and refusing to do any of their regularly scheduled activities, like eating without throwing huge fits or napping/resting at their regularly appointed schedules. I am cranky and irritated. And to think that starting Thursday we have a whole 10 days of break together! No school, no work, just six people in a house together with two feet of snow on all the ground! Yay! For some reason, Little Women is no my mind. Weren't they stuck in the house for months? Back in the day with no television or Internet? Clearly they were better people.

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  1. Don't forget, they were not all nice to each other all the time in Little Women. Think of the Jo vs. Amy throwdowns.