Saturday, January 02, 2010

At least she comes by it honestly

The above picture is from last month. Meg climbed up to start attacking the gingerbread house/hovel the kids put together. The second is a picture of me on November 8, 1974, my older sister's birthday. Elizabeth must have received a barbie, some shampoo/lotion and I return, I sat on the kitchen table enjoying her loot. The expressions are not the same, but I certainly recognize her expessions in this old(er?) picture of myself.

Today was a big day. We moved Andy into Mark's room, Meg into Andy's and Mark into Meg's. Mark actually has far less stuff and spends a lot less time in his room so it made sense to make the move. I always intended to do this year, just not necessarily now. But with Mark coming home, it made sense to make the switch before he started back here full-time. Meg is still in her crib. I intend to move her into a crib in the somewhat near future, but now that her crib is happily assembled in her new room, I am not in such a huge hurry.

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