Friday, January 01, 2010

Here's to a Pull-up free 2010

Andy's now gone two nights without a Pull-up or an accident. He might get a pony for this. I have been going in before I go to bed walk him to the bathroom to pee. It's sort of hilarious walking his sleep-drunk self to the toilet to perform.

Last night was New Year's and we went to celebrate with friends who have kids the same age. We talked about putting the kids to bed in their house, celebrating until midnight and then going home, but we decided instead to have dinner, wine and celebrate early and then each put our kids to bed in their own beds. I did make it to midnight though. That alone in a bit of a miracle.

Someday I would like to go to Times Square to celebrate -- but later when we're older and can get a good spot without having to stand outside from noon to midnight. In the meantime, I'm content not to be hungover on New Year's Day. I can't say I miss that.

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