Sunday, January 03, 2010

Old pictures

he kids were both off school last week. With the cold weather, we've been inside organizing a lot, like rearranging rooms for the kids, moving a lot of stuff up into my new attic (thanks, Bjorn!) and throwing away a lot of stuff. I've also rediscovered my scanner and have been posting a lot of old Y.O. Ranch camp pictures on Facebook. It's been a blast reconnecting with a lot of old campers and counselors.

Meanwhile, here are some of my favorite family photos from when I was a kid.

I'm on the right with my sisters and Elizabeth's friend Catherine (far left). I love the yellow tile that practically matches my yellow hair. Like my soap goatee?

Here's one of my favorite soccer pictures, with my friends Susan and Sara and our coach. I played soccer with these girls all through high school and still keep in touch. How cool is that? The name of our team is the Armadillos. I feel like I'm in second or third grade here.

This is at my baptism at Highland Park Presbyterian. I graduated high school with the two other baby girls in the picture. I think it's really cool that we were in the same place and neighborhood all growing up. We lived in a big city, but in many ways, our neighborhood was a small town where you really knew everyone your age.

This was at Mrs. Felder's house across the street from ours growing up. She had these beautiful pink flowers, but really didn't like kids. Her green Mustang isn't in the driveway. Mary looks about one or two which makes me five and Elizabeth eight. The girl in a t-shirt on the left lived up the street. I think she made it into several of our family pictures.

This is one of my camp pictures. I think I'm like 18 or 19. I remember my cousin Kathy wanted to take her son (who is now in college) to see the animals so we took a tour around the exotic pastures. The giraffes were always my favorite. So big and unique, but relatively friendly and graceful. With the other animals like the ostriches, you never knew what they were going to do which made them interesting and scary as hell.

This is at Enchanted Rock. I'm on the far left. Now that I'm an adult with kids in school, I see this picture of 10 counselors with 10 campers and it's easy to see why the camp went out of business. The other is one of the portraits we took. I think I'm around four here.


  1. You are darling and precious! I see where your children get it.

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