Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Meg went to "cookie camp" at a neighbor's house this week. Great idea, actually. Her middle school kids ran the camp (under adult supervision) for a small fee to raise money for their vacation. I got her out of the house for three hours and then a plate of the most decadent cookies ever. You know, the good kind made with all the stuff that tastes so good and is so bad for your arteries. We also got some home made ice cream out of the deal. I probably put on 10 pounds just this afternoon. It was so worth it.

Swim team ends this week. I am amazed how fast Andy's swimming has come along (hers too for that matter). Next week during the mornings, he's doing golf camp and she's doing a dance camp. I'll still have one of the girls, er, young ladies helping with them in the afternoons and with pick-ups. I hope they have half as much fun as I think they should.

With that, we're into August and then school starts the 21st. Like that, the summer is just about over. I will be sad/thankful when it's over. This has been our first real summer vacation. It's been pretty cool. Actually, neat is more the word. It's been anything but cool here in Texas with our 100th day over 100 degrees with no rain.

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