Sunday, July 31, 2011

Lost and found

Andy has had two pairs of glasses since we got the prescription in April. He has also lost two pairs of glasses. The first pair cost about $150 at the Wal-Mart vision center. I got the super bendy frames and good lenses.

After that pair lasted two days, I went back and got the $9 frames and $20 lenses. Then we found the first pair and had two pairs for a couple of months.

Right before his checkup with the opthamologist, I realized both were missing so I went and found the cheapest pair available. The only frames I could convince him of in the $9 section were Harry Potter frames so I bought him the movie and we have been reading the book. We are now huge fans.

We went to lunch today with my folks at the the DCC. The main building closes for business today as they shut it down and demolish it to make way for the new fancy castle they are building. In honor of the big day, Andy lost his first tooth on the top on a piece of bacon. He has lost all four bottom teeth and now the top ones are on their way. My boy is a toothless first grader. When did that happen?

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